Master Magician Fredrik Karlström now Taan European Governor

Starting November 2022, Magic Pencil Master Magician Fredrik Karlström is now a European Governor member of the Taan Worldwide Board.

Some of you might be delighted; others may wonder, “what on earth is Taan?”

It’s excellent that Fredo’s commitment to sharing knowledge and global outreach has been recognised, but this is also a chance to talk about how Taan Worldwide benefit us – and our clients.

Taan Worldwide is the Global Network of Independent Communications Agencies – an agency growth incubator that helps small to mid-sized agencies: 50+ members in 32 countries who think like us.

We don’t think you have to choose. The Taan Worldwide gives us access to an incredible array of global talent, from Arabic translators to UX experts, and access to emerging international markets and local cultural expertise. It’s perfect timing as we open our new UK office and start taking our brand of magic worldwide, ensuring Magic Pencil operates globally while retaining local expertise.

Anyone who’s met Fredo will know his unique open communication style and approach, his global background and his cultural knowledge.

It’s an exciting time here at Magic Pencil as we open our new creative studio in London, launch our new website and prepare to SuperPower brands on a global scale.

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