Empowering Romande Energie with comprehensive visual and verbal guidelines

We are thrilled to share that we have successfully completed a comprehensive layout structure project for Romande Energie! Our team has meticulously developed detailed guidelines for Romande Energie communication assets, ensuring that their future marketing materials are both consistent and visually appealing.

We’ve created an intuitive layout with clear column and placement rules, designated specific fonts and sizes for different types of text to ensure readability and brand consistency, and integrated a cohesive set of icons to enhance the visual storytelling. Additionally, we’ve established guidelines on using the signature curve graphic, maintaining the unique visual identity heritage of Romande Energie.

This project empowers the Romande Energie team to independently design their assets with confidence and creativity. We’re proud to have co-created with Romande Energie on this initiative and look forward to seeing how these guidelines are applied in the future!

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