Fredrik Karlström

Master Magician

Marketing Strategy
What makes me different ? How much time do you have?
Let’s go way, way, way back. With the contrast of an Italian mother and a Swedish father, plus relocating from Stockholm to Washington, Paris, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Rome, Lyon, Hamburg and Lausanne – my life has been a multicultural journey that’s helped me to effortlessly move between languages and cultures, perceiving the nuances that unite us – and those that make us unique.
Beyond that, I spend my time exploring meditation, yoga, chanting mantras and even barefoot walking in the forest – all ways to connect to the seasons and cycles of the natural world.
My experiences let me easily bridge cultures with humour, tact, and insight, while striving towards a more selfless way of living. More than that, they’ve helped me to embrace change and see potential in unlikely places – vital skills in the fast-moving world of today’s creative agencies.


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