Crafting excellence: designing a digital hub for the Swiss Center for Luxury Research

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the Swiss Center for Luxury Research (SCLR) is a dynamic institution that brings together experts from prestigious academic institutions. SCLR serves as a hub for cultivating the next generation of leaders in the field of luxury management. Switzerland’s rich history of global wealth, coupled with its leadership in watchmaking and hospitality, provides the ideal setting for this endeavour.

Nestled in proximity to Europe’s renowned luxury goods powerhouses in France, Italy, and Germany, SCLR enjoys a strategic location for fostering collaboration between academia and the public-private sectors in the realm of luxury research. It’s a place where the traditions of luxury converge with the cutting-edge innovations of today.

the brand

When designing the website for the Swiss Center for Luxury Research (SCLR), our primary objective was to encapsulate the essence of the brand. We aimed to portray the center as more than just a research institution but as a vital component of the luxury industry itself.

We understood that SCLR represents one side of the same coin as luxury companies, reflecting the very essence of what defines luxury. Therefore, our website design concept needed to convey this synergy by aligning with SCLR’s values and target audience, showcasing the center as a quintessential part of the luxury landscape.

Design inspiration

One key aspect of our design approach was the careful selection of fonts. We decided to use the font “Big Calson,” a timeless serif font, which pairs harmoniously with their existing font “Barlow,” a sleek and modern sans-serif. This deliberate combination of fonts symbolizes the blending of the values of luxury, both traditional and new, creating an elegant hierarchy throughout their website.

Our design inspiration drew from the multifaceted nature of luxury. We sought to visually capture the elegance and grace associated with traditional luxury while also embracing its contemporary values. The core concept was rooted in the belief that luxury is unique, limited, finite, and rare.

This perspective influenced our approach to web design, leading us to break away from conventional shapes and boxes commonly found in web layouts. Instead, we opted for diagonals and bespoke angles reminiscent of a cut diamond, the shadow of a framed artwork, or the mesmerizing gradient of colours that dance across a sunlit sports car’s bodywork.

This design philosophy reflects the essence of luxury – the intersection of heritage and innovation, tradition and uniqueness. Our goal was to craft a digital space that resonates with SCLR’s mission, pushing the boundaries of conventional web design to create an experience that mirrors the exclusivity and distinction inherent in luxury itself.

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