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Make your brand stand apart through insightful intelligence, impactful strategy, immersive storytelling, and inspirational communications

We’ve been winning hearts and minds for local and global clients since 1985. But despite our years of creative experience, we’re still young at heart.

We’re not constrained by the “must dos”, the “should dos”, and the “no ways”. Our curiosity, energy, and imagination help us see challenges instead of obstacles, and inspire us to climb over fences – not search for a way around.

Treating every brief as an adventure brings magical results – but even seasoned adventurers know to carry a map. We believe that brand guidelines fuel creativity – not inhibit it.

At Magic Pencil, we’re proud to be a cosmopolitan blend of cultures, skillsets, and personalities.

England, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Argentina, United States, Venezuela, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece: these are just some of the countries that shape our culture and worldview. This fusion gives rise to some fascinatingly different perspectives on what works; created locally and deployed internationally.

We’re the kind of cocktail that creates a conversation. When a diverse group of people bring their vibrant ideas to one hub – amazing things happen.

Creative industries are dynamic – updating technology, goals, and deadlines to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that our clients’ needs evolve, and we’re always swift to adapt through flexibility, innovation, and our own brand of creative magic.

Our clients say our drive and energy is one of the magical things that sets us apart. For us, it’s just business as usual.

After 35 years in the game, we know what we’re good at. That might mean deploying our team of in-house experts or connecting with our specialist partners to bring the skills needed to creatively execute projects flawlessly from Lausanne to London and Rome.

Need Arabic subtitles added to a video? Want a promotional website that offers advanced e-commerce functions? Looking for a photo shoot set in the heart of an Italian wheatfield?

We pride ourselves on having a network that can handle whatever you request. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving your brand the expert attention it deserves.

While we tackle every brief with youthful enthusiasm, there’s always a method behind the magic. Every project, no matter how big and bold (or small and sexy) – adheres to our proven creative process: Magicology.

Magicology ensures that great ideas don’t just stay as ideas. They are built on great market insights and brand positioning, they evolve into exciting personalities, eye-catching social media campaigns, and the bravest new business and marcoms assets. Magicology is an agile and quick strategic system that takes you from insight to impact.

Our experience

It’s been a fascinating journey for almost forty years, and we couldn’t be prouder that some of our original clients are still with us today. This wealth of experience will stand you in good stead, whatever business or communication challenge needs addressing.

What we do

We’re a creative brand-building agency that will make your brand stand apart. Based in Lausanne (HQ), London, and Rome, we continuously build an international network to bring magic to wherever it’s needed most.

Our method? We call it Magicology; a proven strategic approach that asks the question: “how can we make your brand stand apart?”
The solutions can span anything from impactful brand strategy to immersive creative storytelling and inspirational engaging communications. Because every brief is different, we are always seeking the right blend of magic to meet objectives and captivate audiences.

Impactful strategy

• Being goal specific
• Leading, not following
• Knowing what’s next

Business is going through a radical transformation. Leading companies now seek to define a higher purpose; a mission that goes beyond profits. What’s your purpose?

Immersive storytelling

• Connecting with conversations
• Inviting audiences to shape the narrative
• Stimulating the senses

Business thrives on telling stories. Externally or internally. Commerce or culture. Brand believers are created from tales of passion. What’s yours?

Inspirational communication

• Capturing attention
• Opening minds
• Driving engagement and action

Business needs communications that inspire change. Not by disrupting, but by engaging. Bravely journeying with a new generation. How are you going forward?

How we think

Inspiration – just like magic – often happens when we least expect it. While skiing powder in Saas-Fe. Finishing off a cheese fondue with friends during a LHC hockey match. Watching My Neighbour Totoro with our children.

But great ideas alone are nothing. Transforming them into integrated creative campaigns with audience-relevant visual and verbal language is just as important – as is reviewing success against pre-agreed objectives. We work in three ways to create unforgettable campaigns:

Entrepreneurial spirit

• Simplifying complexity
• Pushing beyond expectations
• Uncovering new opportunities

True passion: it’s what drives you to be better. An infectious optimism that excites everyone, the reason amazing things happen. Search for yours with us.

Childlike thinking

• Seeking adventure in everything
• Believing in the impossible
• Crafting unforgettable stories

Free yourself. And your brand. Transform into something truly magical. Be curious and dream big with us. Got a question? A dilemma? A conundrum? Ask us!

With you, for you, together

• Co-creating with energy
• Fostering meaningful relationships
• Delivering impactful results

The ‘Journey’ – everyone talks about one. Few ever truly start theirs. It takes a leap of faith, courage, and most of all, a companion. The good news? You have one in us.

Meet the wizards

Hello, hi, bonjour, Grüezi, ciao, γεια σας, hej, zdraveite, bună, hola,…
We are a conscious collective of talents and cultures with a quirky mix of things that make us tick.
Meet the planet dreamer, the underwater breather. The mystery seeker, the foot tickler. The wood cutter, the spoon lover. The wave chaser, the equation maker.
Together, we’re a nimble yet heavyweight team that knows how to jump through hoops to make magic happen.

Fredrik Karlström

Master Magician


Angus Paterson

Brand Bewitcher


Rebecca Cruz

Client Conjurer


Blaise Jeanneret

Creative Conjurer


Florin Roman

Dream Maker


Solène Moynat

Social Spellbinder


Vincent Gosset

Digital Druid


Andrea Graffe

Account Alchemist


Siena Tobias

Production Prophet


Santiago Lagos

Design Dazzler


Antoine Overney

Design Dazzler


Rebecca Naismith

Account Alchemist


Karen Karlström

Administration Director


Joanna Athanasopoulou

Client Channeller


Danny Woolston

Word Wizard


Thomas Sanders

Word Wizard


Matthew Hopwood

Design Dazzler


Eray Feyzi

Design Dazzler


Gaetano Gonzaga

Customer Success Director



Catherine Delaby

Word Wizard


The cosmopolitan creative agency

Originating from all the corners of the globe has shaped us and moulded our creative style. Since 1985, we have stayed true to our identity – down to earth, approachable, devilishly detailed, sometimes silly, but always utterly passionate about building brands and protecting the interests of our clients.
From Greece to France, Sweden to Venezuela, Switzerland to the United States, we’re deliberately diverse. It’s a cocktail that lets us see with intriguing different perspectives – often bringing further-reaching creative results. Being cosmopolitan also helps us to quickly appreciate what will work in any given region – and what won’t.

We get things done – think first, then act fast. Stuff happens, and we’re poised to respond – even if it means burning the midnight oil. In an uncertain world, it’s good to know you can count on your creatives. If it simply can’t be done, our policy is to be honest at the outset, never to disappoint further down the line.

Of course, we are deadly serious when it comes to the work. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. We passionately believe in the power of humour in business – plus, it keeps us sane when deadlines pile up.

Integrity matters. So, whilst we’re creative specialists, we’re never creative with the truth. We tell it how it is, and our clients respect us for it.

Whether it’s wizardry with words or fastidiousness with facts, we know that the devil is in the details. That’s a good thing to know when we are asked to create culturally sensitive campaigns that cross international boundaries.

We work with our clients – not just for them. Combining our talents openly with clients, suppliers and our creative partners gets more done more efficiently and leads to better creative outcomes. It also means that working relationships become friendships. It’s part of our nature, and integral to everything we do.

Contact us

While it all started on the stunning shores of Lake Léman or Geneva, with the magnificent Alps as the backdrop, we’re proud to be bringing our unique brand of magic to new locals.

Magic Pencil is now tapping into the creative electricity of the UK, the passionate style of Italy, and setting our sights on new horizons as we open offices across Europe.

Our Lausanne office is based in Ouchy (conveniently, right outside the metro stop), and we love having friends and clients swing by, say hi and meet the wizards.

We’re ready

We’re always happy to tackle new client briefs. Just give us a call or drop Fredo an email and he’ll answer your needs with full energy and commitment.

We’re talent hunting

Magic Pencil is a great place to develop your skills and deliver amazing work for fantastic clients. We’re always on the lookout for talent, so if you’ve got the skills to make some magic, send Karen your portfolio and tell her how (in English is better).

We’re collaborating

We’re always interested in hearing from specialists or potential partners who can help improve our client offering. If that’s you, send an email to Vincent (he speaks English too).

Become the brand you always imagined

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