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Magic Pencil is a creative Swiss-based CX brand strategy and communications agency, that creates innovative experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s world.

We uniquely integrate memorable Brand Experience (BX) with distinctive User Experience (UX) to produce digitally efficient Brand-User Experience (BUX).

BUX achieves superior Customer Experience (CX), supercharging your business to the next level with greater awareness and sustainable revenues.


Curious to know more?

Discover and get inspired by brands we’ve supercharged.


Curious to know more?

Discover and get inspired by brands we’ve supercharged.

Your challenges

Immersive Intelligence

We perform a comprehensive review of your business goals and market challenges, assessing your competitors and customer interactions. Using data-driven insights and industry best practices, we create strategies to outpace competitors and enhance customer experiences, supercharching your brand’s market leadership and relevance.

Brand Experience (BX)

We strengthen your brand’s positioning and personality, crafting a unique value proposition that sets you apart from competition. We create compelling brand narratives that resonates with your target audience. Through innovative ideas, creative concepts, and engaging stories, we make your brand, customer relevant that will positioning you at the forefront of your industry.

User Experience (UX)

We create user personas and map out their potential interactions with your brand. We address user intentions to design user experiences that are intuitive and appealing. By prioritising a user-centred content strategy, we ensure that all information is easily accessible and user-friendly. We optimise digital efficiency through smart SEO and organised content hierarchy.

MarCom Campaigns

We develop and implement engaging marketing and communication campaigns that stand out and resonate among your target audiences. Our Customer Experience (CX) strategies and methodology effectively drive traffic towards key touchpoints to supercharge customer conversion, and drive sales and awareness growth.


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