Dimension’s brand shift

Since 1994, Dimension advises business owners, shareholders and financial investors on national and international transactions in various industries. We embarked on a journey to modernise, strengthen and out-stand Dimension’s brand identity. The comprehensive makeover included a refreshed logo, an exciting website and a visual identity overhaul.

The challenge was to continue to honour the essence of Dimension’s roots. With that goal in mind, we kept the original design of the logo but shifted it’s look – allowing the company to continue to be recognisable for its ongoing clients and be attractive and up-to-date for its potential new ones. Soon after the new straight-forward visual identity was put in place, did the website structure and design come to fruition, including its implementation with its unique security features required in the financial industry.

Dimension is now ideally positioned to compete in the M&A business with a clear value proposition, taking charge of the entire sales process and complete the transaction in the best possible financial and human terms.

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