Geneva office

Following the announcement that we opened a new location in London, we realised that many people didn’t know we had a third location – one much closer to home! 

A lot of our clients (the likes of BCGE, TESO, MSC and TPG) are a short hop, skip and jump along the lakeshore in Geneva and even in a hybrid working world, we wanted to be closer to them than our Lausanne HQ to keep those face-to-face meetings frequent, convenient and meaningful for all.

On top of that, we are also spending more time working with our partner Labster.io to run digital innovation workshops and coDesign on various UX/UI projects. 

Who is Labster, you ask?

They use the power of collaborative intelligence to design, develop and promote innovative digital business solutions, and like us, they put users at the heart of everything they do.

Our new shared space is in the centre of Carouge, (some call it the Greenwich Village of Geneva). It’s got a very creative vibe; we thought we’d fit right in.

Next time you’re looking for some artisan boutiques, bohemian café culture or digital marketing strategy – head over to us in Carouge. 

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