Transparency and accountability with Ferring Pharmaceutical

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharmaceutical company that focuses on researching, developing, and commercialising innovative treatments in areas such as reproductive health, gastroenterology, and urology. As part of their commitment to transparency and accountability, Ferring releases an annual report that outlines their performance, strategy, and achievements.

This marks the second year that we’ve collaborated with Ferring, bringing their Annual Report to life.

Last year, we had been tasked with redesigning the report to give it a more contemporary look. We rethought the design, colour palette, aired-out the financial tables and lighted-up the overall look and feel. By doing so, we were able to better express the company’s brand all the whilst communicating its storytelling more effectively.

This year, we pushed the design further and thanks to a seamless partnership allowing easy communications and collaboration, resulting in a successful launch.

“On behalf of the Ferring team, a big and warm THANK YOU for all your great work delivered around our Annual Report 2022. Your professionalism, expertise, dedication, commitment, flexibility and attention to details were highly appreciated and we look forward to working with you again for the next edition!”

Carine Julen
Corporate Communications Manager
Corporate Communications & Public Affairs 
Ferring International Center SA

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