White paper written by Eray Feyzi

Power up your marketing strategy:
the rise of gaming as a tool for advertisers

From the days of pixelated graphics in dark arcade rooms to the trillions of hours of gameplay and live streaming today, the gaming industry has come a long way. But why should marketers care about gaming? Studies show that people now spend more time gaming than scrolling through social media and binge-watching TV combined. With gaming now accessible on mobile and browser-based platforms like Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Play Pass, it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, with billions of gamers around the world spending billions on games each year.

Potential for marketing within gaming

One key reason why marketers should focus on gaming in the future is the social nature. In the past, gaming was considered a solitary activity, with gamers spending hours on their own in front of a screen. However, the rise of online gaming has transformed gaming into a social activity, with gamers playing together and forming online communities on Twitch, Reddit, YouTube and Discord. By tapping into these communities, you can connect with a passionate audience who are eager to engage with brands that share their interests. You can tailor messaging to their wants and needs, boosting brand awareness, growth, and loyalty.

Profitable engagement within the community

With gamers known for their use of ad-blockers, traditional ads just won’t cut it. However, by tapping into the power of gamer influencers and in-game advertising to break through those barriers, we can connect with this profitable audience. As a recent Tubular report revealed that influencer content reigns supreme, trumping even brands and media content with a difference of 500 billion views. Who said gaming wasn’t a strategic business move?

Untapped channel for brand marketing opportunities

Doritos Crash Course Video game
Gaming isn’t just a leisure activity anymore, it’s a goldmine for brands to tap into. With the rise of online gaming and social communities, brands can engage with gamers in unique ways like in-game advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships. Car brands have been ahead of the game for years, seamlessly integrating their vehicles into gameplay. Recently Mercedes, for example – they’ve partnered up with Nintendo and added their brand as one of the Mario Karts you can play with. It’s all about finding innovative ways to make your brand part of the gaming experience. And let’s not forget the world of Fortnite, where skins of famous characters and musicians flood the gaming space. Even Roblox is in on the game, partnering up with musicians offering free virtual concerts. The possibilities are endless. Take Doritos, for example, who landed a sweet sponsorship with Xbox and got their brand logo and name to appear on a game, leading to the game being rebranded as “Doritos Crash Course“. It was such a hit that it was downloaded over 1.4 million times by the end of 2010. The bottom line? Gaming is a unique and untapped channel for brands to connect with gamers on a personal level and create lasting impressions.

Esports: a growing opportunity for brands

Another reason why marketers should focus on gaming in the future is the growth of esports. Esports is the competitive side of gaming, where gamers compete against each other in tournaments and leagues. Esports has exploded in popularity in recent years, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch tournaments and matches online. This growth represents a massive opportunity for brands to reach a highly engaged audience through sponsorships and partnerships of the event or players/teams.

New technology, new experiences

vr headset

Finally, the evolution of gaming technology has made it possible for marketers to create immersive and interactive experiences that engage gamers on a deeper level. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are just a few of the technologies that are transforming the gaming experience. These technologies allow marketers to create experiences that are not possible through traditional advertising channels.

The opportunity
to connect

In conclusion, the evolution of gaming represents a significant opportunity for modern marketers to reach their target audience in a new and engaging way. The social nature of gaming, the growth of esports, and the evolution of gaming technology all make gaming a channel that marketers cannot afford to ignore. As gaming continues to grow in popularity, marketers who embrace this channel will be the ones who succeed in the future.

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