Need to optimise without ‘Optimize’?

In case you missed it – Google is sunsetting (tech speak for stopping) Optimize (free and 360). After months of searching, we found the right partner that gave us the right website experimentation and the right personalisation needs. Google is also recommending AB Tasty as one of their new integrated solutions.

We had some essential client-centric criteria. It must be very easy to:

  • Implement
  • Roll-out
  • Use
  • Contact for support

Which means:

A seamless experience like the Google suite with bi-directional integration with GA4.

It allows us to scale experiments and personalisations, so we’re never limited on the scope.

Provides gold-standard industry support and expertise to support us and our client’s success.

So, now we have it – a best-in-class experience optimisation solution to use controlled experimentation, recommendation and intelligent search to build better digital experiences.

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