What makes us different?

Our people

Companies don’t own brands, people do.
Because we solve an ever-changing range of communications challenges, we hand-pick a task force for every job, combining their talents and co-creating with the client. We anticipate outcomes with a strong human connection.
Aligning with teams internally and externally with stakeholders, they amplify outcomes and impact, creating a MagicMovement that matter.

Meet the team

Discover how diving under oceans, biking down mountains, and wandering barefoot through dark forests have given us the edge when dealing with new challenges.

Consultancy partners

Sustainability Branding & Design


Transformative Strategy Towards Regenerative Economy




UX Designer & Digital Facilitator


360 Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our culture

We believe brand values should be specific, actionable, and a true reflection of internal culture.

We used our Values Builder to source insight from our team, creating meaningful principles that come from within, not above.


Our way of

Never boring, always accountable. We want to grow each day and experience life with passion and positivity.


Our way of

Never blocked, always adventurous. We focus on being proactive with our support and inspiring with our imagination.


Our way of

Never alone, always considerate. We embody a close awareness of each other, that creates a balanced lively energy.


Our way of

Never complicated, always listening. We bring trusted clarity with simple and genuine co-creation.

Our Values Builder can be used to create actionable values for any brand. Interested in distilling your brand values?

to find us

Our story begins in Switzerland, on the stunning shores of Lake Léman – not a bad place to get started.

Headquartered in Lausanne, we now have offices in the creative hub of London, the global meeting-place of Geneva, and the stylish metropolis of Rome.

So, no matter where you are, come say hi. Our doors (and laptops) are always open.

taan worldwide a growth incubator for independent marketing agencies.

The TAAN network 

What’s better? A big global agency with no personal touch or a local agency with great people but no global reach?

We don’t think you have to choose.

By combining local relationships with global actions, TAAN gives us increased reach, pooled resources, and access to international markets. All the expertise and attention of a local agency, with all the resources of a big one. Thanks, TAAN.


Got a project for us? Think you'd fit right in? Keen to test your pinball skills?

We’d love to hear from you.