Shaking video campaign for Cointreau

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Immersive drive to new website

Our challenge was to create a series of four captivating social media animated videos for Cointreau, with the goal of not only promoting but also immersing viewers in the user journey of their newly launched website. The initial spark of inspiration came directly from the Cointreau team, who envisioned a video that could vividly capture the essence of their website’s user experience.


Crafting the digital social

In a true partnership with the Cointreau team, we set out to elevate their initial concept. Together, we embarked on a creative journey, weaving a narrative that not only showcased but celebrated the user’s expedition through their digital world. From the simple act of scanning a QR code on the Cointreau bottle to unveiling a step-by-step online tutorial on crafting the perfect Margarita cocktail, our video series effortlessly guided the audience.

Play with sound

We meticulously illustrated the seamless transition from landing on the website to curating a personal collection of favourite cocktails, receiving tailor-made email recommendations, fine-tuning cocktail preferences to discover the ideal concoction, and providing an effortless path to purchase through platforms like Amazon.

The result was a visually captivating and deeply informative collection of videos, each designed to seamlessly transport the viewer into the distinctive Cointreau brand world. These videos not only met the challenge but also vividly represented the uniqueness of the Cointreau experience.

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