Materialising elegance: creating a visual identity with the Swiss Center for Luxury Research


Balancing traditional and modern luxury values in a visual  identity 

To portray the center as more than just a research institution but as a vital component of the luxury industry itself. We understood that SCLR represents one side of the same coin as luxury companies, reflecting the very essence of what defines luxury. Therefore the visual identity needed to convey this synergy by aligning with SCLR’s values and target audience, showcasing the center as a quintessential part of the luxury landscape


Identifying consistent elements to create a complex yet elegant design language

Our design inspiration drew from the multifaceted nature of luxury. We sought to visually capture the elegance and grace associated with traditional luxury while also embracing its contemporary values. The core concept was rooted in the belief that luxury is unique, limited, finite, and rare.

By collating elements from various types of luxury we started developing a form of image treatment to consolidate the ‘differences’ between luxury elements.

One key aspect of our design approach was the careful selection of fonts. We decided to use the font “Big Calson,” a timeless serif font, which pairs harmoniously with their existing font “Barlow,” a sleek and modern sans-serif. This deliberate combination of fonts symbolizes the blending of the values of luxury, both traditional and new, creating an elegant hierarchy throughout the visual identity.

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