Elegance built on purpose


The birth of a purpose-led luxury brand

Our journey began with a fresh vision for a novel enterprise: our aim was to create a purpose-driven luxury gifting brand that blends Indian and Swiss influences. From it’s inception, the brand was designed to offer its customers a meaningful premium choice where each purchase contributes to The Children’s Foundation. It’s mission is to rescue children from forced labour and provide them with quality education and brighter futures. Our role encompassed strategic positioning, brand naming and tagline creation, establishing brand identity, and integrating this ethos into the boutique’s branding.


Curating elegance and social good

Strategy in action: identifying the foundations of the brand’s positioning: its purpose, vision, mission and its boiler plate, was our first step. Becoming a purpose-led brand, and creating a virtuous value creation cycle fuelled the newly defined brand purpose.

Naming a brand can be future defining. Our brand naming approach went through rigorous tests to ascertain its strategic and creative meaning, memorability, and ultimately if it had trademark relevance. The winner was “Moon & Tide”, as the cause and effect of the moon and tide mirrors the impact the brand will have on the Children’s Foundation. To further hint at the brand’s purpose driven approach, the tagline “Elegance That Echoes” was defined.

With the naming set, we adopted a brand identity and design approach that harmoniously intertwined elements from both cultures. By elegantly blending Indian and Swiss colours, calligraphy, and iconic symbols, we crafted a logo that exudes sophistication, with a human and premium feel. To bring this essence into the boutique we proposed a series of concepts that tie in the interior design to the branding, that will infuse a unique client experience.

The brand identity, its design language and interior concepts have set the foundation, taken further by the client and their architects team, to bringing this unique and meaningful experience to life.

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