BCGE tram branding: fusing creativity and branding into a moving canvas


Reimagining the tram: a creative canvas challenge

BCGE sought a unique and eye-catching way to reinforce its brand identity and engage with the public. The challenge was to develop a creative concept that would align with their brand guidelines and transform a tram into a moving canvas for their brand.


Lines, dots, and connectivity: crafting the moving visual

Our journey began with a deep dive into BCGE’s brand guidelines, seeking visual elements that would resonate with their identity. We brainstormed creative ideas to bring their brand to life on the exterior of the tram. After several iterations and refinements, we arrived at a striking design concept that beautifully encapsulated their brand message.

The chosen concept featured a dynamic combination of lines and dots, reminiscent of a journey map. The dots represented the tram stops, with each dot showcasing the name of a stop, creating a visual representation of BCGE’s role in connecting people and places.

The design was meticulously scaled and tailored to fit the tram’s surface seamlessly, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and brand consistency.

The design was directly influenced by BCGE’s brand guidelines, which emphasize a sense of connectivity, trust, and accessibility. We drew inspiration from the idea of a journey map and the connection between stops on the tram route. Additionally, other successful brand campaigns that incorporated similar visual elements served as references.

The result is a tram transformed into a moving piece of art, delivering BCGE’s brand message to a broad audience while enhancing their connection to the community. This project exemplifies our ability to fuse creativity and branding into a unique and impactful visual concept, all while staying in perfect harmony with our client’s brand guidelines.

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