Simplifying complexity: regenerative coffee farms infographics with Nespresso

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Turning a complex sustainability topic into a visual snack for your coffee

Regenerative agriculture is a major approach to obtaining a positive impact when it comes to coffee cultivation. Yet explaining how it can be done can quickly become a technical discussion engrained in multiple fields of expertise. As Nespresso scales up regenerative agricultural practices, there was a need arising to open the conversation by explaining what a regenerative coffee farm is, at a glance, easy-to-understand, and delightful to see.


Meaningful infographics

Working with the Nespresso sustainability team we structured the hierarchy of information to be shown, from the top down, focusing on the readers’ experience. From the focus areas on a regenerative coffee farm, to the aims and practices that enable it, they are taken through a visual storytelling. The granular details can be further customised for each audience’s expertise knowledge.

The infographics’ design language had to be built in line with the brand guidelines and recognisably Nespresso. Even if an infographic style wasn’t specifically defined in the guidelines, we took inspiration from the brand’s authentic imagery, with a minimalist but detailed approach, premium yet approachable, simplified yet true to portraying a regenerative farm. We could also stem its roots into the success story of The Positive Cup Creating Shared Value (CSV) Report – 2014-2020 Achievements where we first defined and approved with the brand the new sustainability infographics creative approach.

The infographics have been further implemented and adapted in Nespresso’s internal and external sustainability communication as a reference piece, versatile and adaptable.

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