Nespresso sustainability hub: elevating UX and UI


Evolving brand, evolving content: how to optimise and refresh a complex digital platform?

The Positive Cup hub is a landmark platform dedicated to share the brand’s sustainability strategy and initiatives alongside valued insights from external experts. It has been a major piece of the brand’s sustainability communication since its inception between Magic Pencil and the Nespresso sustainability team.

As both its content, and the Nespresso brand identity evolved over the years, the time was right to rethink the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI): improve the navigation and hierarchy making all content available in a couple of clicks, understand at a glance what each section and article contains, better highlight the impactful partnerships and the content written by external industry leaders, and many more quality-of-use improvements.


A new UX, UI and content hierarchy 

We had a head-start as our ongoing tasks covered user behaviour and platform analytics reporting that gave the initial insights of the improvement needs and opportunities. We reinforced the outcome with an assessment of the target audience behaviour onto the site that led us to rebuild the platform’s wireframe structure and navigation.

From wireframe to UI, a completely new front-end design has been defined, to both meet the needs above, and to reflect Nespresso’s updated brand identity. The updated design was built with an even more refined, more intuitive approach, and not lastly authentic and true to its content. The web development phase aimed to further optimise the experience, both for users and for the client with added back-end improvements, all built on a secure CMS to meet the brand’s compliance aims.

The updated version met an overwhelmingly positive feedback, and has enabled the ease of implementation of updated brand strategy pillars, as well as a more flexible approach into implementing upcoming content and functionality.

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