SICPA S-Peak event: crafting a cohesive event branding


Forging a fresh event identity:
the S-Peak branding challenge

SICPA’s new annual event, S-Peak, needed a complete brand identity. The challenge was to design a distinctive event logo and create comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency and visual cohesion. Additionally, our task extended to developing a digital application platform and crafting an email schedule to keep attendees informed and engaged.


From logo to website:
unifying the S-Peak experience

Our journey began with the creation of a captivating and meaningful logo. We explored various concepts, aligning the design with the core values and themes of S-Peak. After meticulous refinement, the logo was approved and served as the foundation for the entire event’s visual identity.

With the logo in place, we embarked on the development of brand guidelines. These guidelines outlined the event’s colour palette, typography, imagery, and design elements. They ensured that all S-Peak materials maintained a consistent, professional, and visually appealing look, reflecting the event’s character and values.

SICPA S-PEAK Event Guidelines

The next phase of our design process led to the creation of a cutting-edge digital application platform. This interactive space allowed attendees to access event information, schedules, and important updates. It seamlessly integrated the new logo and brand elements while offering an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Simultaneously, we devised an email schedule that kept participants informed, excited, and engaged. This schedule ensured that critical event information, exclusive content, and updates were delivered effectively, fostering anticipation and attendance.

Our design choices were heavily influenced by S-Peak’s core values and the need for a consistent, professional, and visually engaging brand identity. The logo drew inspiration from the event’s themes, while the brand guidelines sought to maintain this essence throughout all event materials. The application platform and email schedule were designed to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience, aligning with Sicpa’s commitment to innovation and user engagement.

The result is an S-Peak event that not only showcases its core values but also delivers a unified and visually captivating experience to all attendees. This project demonstrates our ability to create a cohesive brand journey, from the inception of a logo to the execution of a digital platform and communication strategy, all aligned with our client’s vision and values.

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