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Creating a distinctive brand

Since October 2001, the ‘Best of’ mandate has become the spearhead of the Banque Cantonale de Genève’s asset management. Over the years, it has evolved into a wide range of discretionary mandates, offering up to twenty investment profiles.

We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the bank, delivering seven key campaign concepts over the course of twenty years. This time, we were briefed to bring the ‘Best of’ brand to an entirely new level, with a full refresh to celebrate the twenty-year anniversary with a global campaign.


Market research, competitive analysis, insight unearthing


Brand strategy, brand purpose, brand positioning, brand personality, value proposition


Naming, logo, tagline, key visuals, original pop-art illustrations, messaging, transcreation in various languages (FR, IT, GE, EN), online and offline campaign assets, animations, OOH billboards, print advertising press and magazines, social media, website, bancomats, retail posters, brochures, sales folders, monthly newsletters, quartely and annual reports


Stakeholder’s events and advertising campaigns across Switzerland, France, Dubai and Hong Kong


A concrete and pragmatic investment philosophy

We conducted a deep dive into Swiss financial markets, as well as other global financial hubs. We observed that assets like stocks and indices are naturally unpredictable and affected by rapid adjustments that are extremely difficult to forecast.
These fluctuations can confuse and disorient both big and small investors, leading to hesitant behaviour and suboptimal decisions. Some investors withdraw from the markets entirely, while others opt for extremely costly hedging and defensive strategies.
It was these insights that helped us uncover what was truly unique about the ‘Best of’ brand: “Best of, a resilient concept.”


Building trust

Based on their clients’ tangible needs, we set about unearthing meaningful USPs and creating a new personality and value proposition.
It was through a close process of co-creation with both the marketing team and the CEO, Blaise Goeschin, that we were able to fully realise the brand’s vision and ambition. We created the brand’s name and tagline, in several languages, reaching out to investors around the globe.


Inspired by the night lights from the sky

The brand’s Big Idea concept has remained consistent throughout the years. The inspiration came from a late-night flight, when we noticed that far below us, distant lights were shining, bright active hubs standing out against dark areas of inactivity.
We built on this creative legacy to produce three distinctly original pop-art style illustrations based on the five continents for the 20th-anniversary celebration.
Pop-art is a style that exemplifies BCGE’s new brand personality and is now proudly used across all of the bank’s retail products and solutions.
We’ve continued on this spree right through into 2022, pushing the pop-art concept and developing new messages and assets keeping the BCGE Best of mandate attractive and relevant.


State of the art

How did we use BrandStacks to bring activation to life?

We created a full verbal and visual identity including all its offline and online communication assets and 360 campaigns, including a range of literature that included the Bank’s Investment Philosophy.

The assets produced included: interactive online digital assets and animations (TV, Youtube, LinkedIn, social media, website, ATMs, monthly newsletters), and offline media (OOH billboards, print advertising press and magazines, retail posters, brochures in various languages, sales folders, quarterly and annual reports) across Switzerland, France, Dubai and Hong Kong spanning over 20 years of communications.

The outcome? The ‘Best of’ brand is now an iconic benchmark in the investment world.


Success story

The ‘Best of’ success story exemplifies our relationship with BCGE since 1999.
The ‘Best of’ of mandate has seen the birth of a community of over 6,000 investors who adhere to its clear and straightforward investment philosophy, with almost 2 billion Swiss francs invested.
We are also delighted that over half of the fund’s clients are female, which shows the faith that typically risk-averse investors have in it.
years of clarity, co-creation and trust
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Almost CHF

“Brand creativity is not enough to develop a strong communications platform. It takes cutting-edge expertise to discover, identify, analyse, choose, assemble and create the best communication assets in the financial universe. We’ve been collaborating with Magic Pencil since December 1999, and they have been instrumental in our success.”
Marcel Mettler
État major de la direction générale
(previously Advertising & Sponsoring Manager)
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