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A bold new direction

Cremo is the second-largest milk processor in Switzerland, beloved for its authentic and delicious dairy products. In a competitive marketplace flooded with rival offerings, they saw an opportunity to revitalise an ageing yoghurt and expand their market share with a bold new direction.
Cremo needed to revitalise its image to attract a younger audience while simultaneously strengthening intimacy with the brand’s loyal customers. To stay ahead of the game, they knew they needed to embark on a fresh and exciting journey – and that’s where we came in.


Desk Qualitative and Quantitative Research – Market Research – Competitive Analysis – Brand Analysis and Business Analysis – Brand Effectiveness – Audience Understanding – Insight Unearthing – Brand Strategy – Brand Purpose – Brand Positioning – Brand Personality – Value Proposition – Brand Architecture 


Audience Profiling and Persona Definition – Brand Communications – B2B2C – Content Strategy and Calendar – Social Media Strategy and Plan – Sales Engagement Strategy – Retail Strategy – Product Launch – Media Planning, Buying, Implementing, Optimizing and Reporting


Creative Visual and Verbal Concept – Narrative and Storytelling – Tone of Voice – Copywriting and Transcreation in in FR & GE – Packaging, key visuals, original illustrations, content, website, social media, video and animation and Motion Graphics, sales engagement literature B2B


Launch campaign with new packaging, campaign landing pages in two languages FR & GE, website and social media assets (organic and paid)



Right to the source

The first step was immersing ourselves in the local market around Fribourg and the Bernese Alps that has a uniquely fascinating relationship with dairy sourcing and production.
These regions, including the Geneva Lake area, have distinct and well-established consumer attitudes, as Cremo’s target market is intimately familiar with its impact on the local ecosystem.
These consumers understand that the origin is absolutely vital giving its seasonal quality and unique flavours.



Thanks to hundreds of producers in Fribourg, Vaud, Valais, Bern, Neuchâtel, Basel, and Jura, Cremo has authentic connections to real Swiss dairy cow production – and the credentials to prove it.
We saw that these local farmer connections were vital in gaining a market advantage, and decided to focus on this differentiating aspect, which has a truly positive impact on its families, communities and society at large. The goal was to reinforce this local connection right at the point of sale.


Quality on a label

Our graphic approach began with the values at the heart of the brand: the pastures, lakes, flora and fauna that define Mitteland of Switzerland, and how Cremo embodies this pristine nature in its products.
We wanted to bring something original yet rooted in simplicity to these images, highlighting the knowledge and affinity that connects locals to their beautiful environment.
For the packaging to be successful, it had to clearly integrate a wide variety of SKUs in the two regional languages (French and German), all while highlighting the brands’ DNA.
To find new resellers, we developed a mechanic and web-based support that allowed a consumer to find the closest point of sale.


No more?

We then created a new website to communicate the brand refresh, help amplify sales and connect with the new retail shops with “find your nearest shop”. Simple, impactful, and memorable social media communication helped build a strong consumer engagement, increase number of retail outlets and drive sales.


The power of local

An authentic story, a simple but well-informed voice, and a quality product: Cremo yogurts had won back old and conquered new consumers. Starting with 25 points of sale, it exploded to over 300 across Switzerland, thanks to this simple campaign that activated stakeholders right where it mattered most.
The message? Authentic messaging that speaks to the true value of local production and consumption can have a huge effect on a brand’s positioning, setting Cremo up as organic, sustainable, and leader in the Swiss dairy market.
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