Breathing life inspiration possibility into a new brand


Standing out from the pack

As socially and ecologically switched-on consumers increasingly seek out brands that reflect their values, a new plant-based company wanted to stand out in a crowded market.

PlantLife had an incredible range of raw, wild and natural plant-based products and mixes, and an ambitious goal – fixing a broken global food system. We set out to build a brand that did justice to their product and could help make their vision a reality.


Competitor analysis, qualitative research, audience profiling, keyword analysis, social media campaign, A/B testing, trip to Uzbekistan farms


Strategic analysis, brand strategy framework, brand essence, brand personality, tone of voice, marketing strategy


Brand name, tagline, logo, packaging system architecture, creative campaign, website creative concepts, messaging house, storytelling, transcreation in English and German, photography


Packaging design 120 SKUs, website design and copywriting, organic social campaign, PPC social campaign, Amazon DSP banners, Amazon store and Amazon product pages, Google Adwords and Google Shopping campaigns, ADVENTure Calendar, POSM, stand exhibitions and fairs, sales and retail activations



the explorers

We started by conducting competitor and keyword analysis to identify our target market, creating a new audience profile – “progressive explorers.”

We interviewed these open-minded and adventurous consumers in brand workshops, using the data to shape PlantLife’s positioning. To understand what make PlantLife special, we even sent a team member to their farms in Uzbekistan.


The hero and
the innocent

We identified PlantLife’s “Hero” and “Innocent” archetypes during our co-creation of the brand strategy framework. This insight helped us choose a brand name (PlantLife), tagline (Right by Nature) and logo (based on the work of Matisse) that captured the radical positioning that made PlantLife unique.


Going wild

Our strategic insight identified PlantLife’s wild-grown food and outsider attitude as key differentiators. This insight shaped our creative direction through multiple assets as we prepared to tell PlantLife’s story to progressive explorers across Europe.

“Wild” thinking was behind our bespoke packaging designs, which show produce being picked directly from the tree – recognisable, consistent, and beautiful across over 120SKUs.


Bringing the
brand to life

PlantLife’s bespoke website needed to be responsive, fluid, and beautiful. We built the e-commerce site, populated it with fresh product descriptions, and ran a B2C “Pick Wild” social campaign to drive traffic and awareness.

We also helped create a stunning advent calendar with a unique adventurous twist to establish PlantLife’s presence and showcase their global sourcing mode.



Making a difference

Today, PlantLife products can be found in stores and supermarkets across Europe, as they continue to expand across Amazon and their e-commerce website.

The campaign’s impressions rose to 4,151,125 views and 47,579 clicks on the e-commerce website. On the single best-performing day of the campaign, they gained over 10,000 new buyers. And also increased the partnership with Amazon with an increase of over 23% in purchases.

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new buyers
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Gerhard Barcus, plantlife CEO in a navy suit

“From the very start, we wanted PlantLife to be different. A bigger vision, a different identity and big ambitions. We were thrilled when we realised Magic Pencil dreamed just as big as we did.

There were many challenges along the way, but today we have an identity and a presence that we are truly proud of.”

Gerhard Barcus
General Manager, PlantLife

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