An unprecedented challenge for relevancy

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The fourth industrial revolution is changing the way we experience our world

MCI: Building Community was their offer. But community doesn’t just come from the act of building – it’s what happens next where the magic happens.

Powered by data, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds – impacting all disciplines, economies and industries. Exacerbated by the pandemic, MCI required fresh thinking as an event company to remain relevant.


Competitive Analysis – Stakeholders Consultancy Through Workshops – Multi-Market Interviews and C-suite Engagement – Desk Qualitative and Quantitative Research – Market Research – Brand Effectiveness Analysis – Business Analysis – On-site Culture Immersion – Audience Understanding – Insight Unearthing


Brand Strategy – Brand Positioning – Brand Personality – Value Proposition –  Group Brand Architecture – Domain Names Architecture – Strategic Messaging Framework


Re-Brand – Visual and Verbal Identity – Internal Brand Launch Animation


Internal Stakeholders Brand Onboarding

MCI before being rebranded



Attending town-halls, interviewing global leaders from global markets in face-to-face sessions, and brainstorming strategic foundations with the C-suite immersed us in the MCI world.

Crucially, we absorbed the culture by spending time working in their headquarters, lunching with employees, and keeping a Magic ear to the ground, listening intently to the daily background buzz of activity. It was clear that in a virtualising world MCI needed to redefine its position in the meetings industry.


United in purpose: the unstoppable power of people

The world of activating audiences is evolving. Just as companies have become more aware of the power and importance of this method, communities around the world have increasingly sought to influence conversations, interact with data, and immerse themselves in technology – in both live and virtual spaces.

In uncertain times, people want to know what the future holds. We established that MCI’s best strategic opportunity was to leverage their synergy of experience and intelligence.

The format of traditional event engagement was less relevant. It wasn’t how MCI brought people together that mattered – it was why.

The goal remained the same – empowering people to uncover strategic insights, harness opportunities, manage risk and gain an advantage.

The positioning? MCI no longer only built communities – it rallied and readied people for the future:

Our new value proposition – MCI: Tomorrow’s People.


More power 
to the flower

Using the insight gained in the immersion and strategic phases, we created a compelling brand identity for MCI.

Inspired by an iconic visual legacy with its lively floral symbol, we reimagined the brand’s image with a daring, clear, and contemporary approach that put people first.

The new design language defined everything from the fundamentals to the overarching visual brand expression – logo, typography, colours, iconography, photography, graphic identifiers, and comprehensive layout systems.

In tandem, we defined an updated verbal approach and a tone of voice that reflected the fresh new positioning. It all centred around the powerful new tagline: “Tomorrow’s People”.


new roots

Progressive world launch during the Covid years, enabling the onboarding of all stakeholders and affiliated MCI brands to implement the new brand identity in their local regions and markets.

overview of MCI branding


A single vision

The outcome? A unified multi-market brand identity that showcases MCI’s synergy of experience and intelligence beyond meetings and events.

MCI connects and channels partners, mobilises members, converts customers, and engages employees by uniting them around a common purpose – clarity of tomorrow.

Branding implemented worldwide accelerating its cultural transformation:

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“We were looking to shake up our thinking and get some strategic perspective on our brand identity. Magic Pencil helped us craft a positioning, value proposition, brand personality and an identity which is now in line with our new brand purpose.”

Sylvia Andre
Chief Marketing Officer,

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